Health service organisation and delivery

We help aid partners and governments in low-and-middle-income countries to improve global, regional, national, and sub-national health service organisation and delivery, to enable more equitable and high-quality health services to all, and especially those in most need.

Our expertise is in maternal, sexual health, and reproductive rights, HIV/AIDS as well as national, sub-national, community, and facility systems for service delivery. We are also responsible for supporting knowledge management, drawing out learning and disseminating knowledge from the complex frameworks and programmes delivered by the Health team. Specifically, we work on:  

  • Improving maternal, sexual, and reproductive health and rights policies, programmes, and services;
  • Strengthening national, sub-national, hospital, and primary health care service-related policies, strategies, and operational plans;
  • Strengthening community health service organisation and monitoring;
  • Improving service and system performance frameworks and their use by decision makers;
  • Supporting for the development and implementation of health reform strategies at Primary Health Care and community levels;
  • Enhancing capacities and capabilities of health sector staff and health care consultants; and
  • Contributing to global health knowledge and thought leadership.  

We do this through:  

  • Successful management and delivery of multi-year technical assistance programmes and short-term consultant projects;
  • Development of a network across a worldwide community of technical health specialists, including global, regional, and national consultants;
  • Synthesis and dissemination of lessons learned from OPM’s health projects and teams; and
  • Development of training programmes and webinars.  

Examples of our thought leadership and academic publishing, include:

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